The Power Of Two (more than 2^64)

Anonymous Coders

The range of numbre is greater than long long int that is greater than 2^64.
Therefore each digit of the number is stored in a character array terminating by ”.
How to find out,whether the number is a power of 2 or not?

This problem can be solved with little manipulation through the  Karnaugh Map and truth table.

See carefully the pattern of power of 2 and the number 1 lesser than power of 2 i.e.

23  = 1000      and 23 – 1 = 111                 bitwise and of    (1000) &(111) =…

24  = 10000      and 24 – 1 = 1111             bitwise and of     (10000) &(1111) =…
…………….. So on.

So we have to find the number just lesser than the given input and do AND operation of both numbers. If output of…

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Solving for the data science conundrum

DAISY Analytics

We were recently featured in an ‘Insight-as-a-Service’ article, Solving For the Data Science Conundrum:

…while educational institutions are developing focused curricula to graduate more data specialists, organizations are experimenting with the deployment of analytics teams that together may replicate the ‘scientist’ skillset, and data analytics vendors are creating platforms that democratize data by putting its power in the hands of increasingly broad user circles. In cases like the Guelph General Hospital’s, all three approaches are being pursued, and have been combined in a new initiative that has just passed the test – a first cohort has completed a new course in business intelligence for second year students of the Health Information Management program at Conestoga College, featuring accelerated learning in healthcare BI, as well as an 18 day placement at the hospital for three students who used Information Builder’s analytics reporting software to apply new concepts to three discrete hospital…

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Analytics – Dig your data with Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on


Hello there !

When you work with Google Analytics and want to dig into your live data to extract precious insights, you can sometimes feel limited by the tools offered by their user interface. You may want to calculate specific conversions, regressions or cross those stats with offline data. Sometimes you just don’t have the same freedom you would have on a spreadsheet. But this is over !

Create live and custom analytics reports in Google Spreadsheet

With Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on, you can run Analytics queries directly in a Spreadsheet. And once you have the results in your spreadsheet, you are completely free to dig into them the exact way you would want to. Here are a few useful key points and advantages of using this add-on :

  • Run multiple queries and get all the results in the same spreadsheet
  • Run queries on different views
  • Schedule your reports to…

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Three Personas of a Data Scientist

Big Data Noir

In light of the recent news of my article being chosen to be published (among other great pieces by subject matter experts) in EMC Corporations Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing Competition, I have decided to share a piece of the article now.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about “what is a Data Scientist” and after much research, I wanted to showcase what qualities an individual must possess to don the white coat!

Data Scientists are unique individuals that push the boundary of machine and human learning in an effort to discover what cannot be seen by others. A Data Scientist is a balanced role and requires someone with the skills to organize, develop, create and share their work amongst their colleagues and upper management. This section is comprised of detailed explanations of three personas that every Data Scientist possesses: the Nerd, the Artist, and the Business Professional9 (Dutra 2015).

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Peseshet – c.2500 BCE – Sais, Egypt

Rebel Women Embroidery

‘I have come from the school of medicine at Heliopolis, and have studied at the woman’s school at Sais, where the divine mothers have taught me how to cure diseases…’


Like her countrywoman and predecessor Merit-Ptah, Peseshet was a woman working in the medical profession. We know of Peseshet from her personal stela found in the tomb of her son, Ahkhethetep, which calls her ‘Lady Overseer of the Female Physicians’.

It is believed that ‘Female Physician’ means midwife, as there is no Egyptian word for midwifery. During Pesehet’s time there was a medical school at Sais which educated female students of gynecology and obstetrics. It is not a stretch to assume that this is where Peseshet herself worked and taught.


Stele/Stela – Funeral slab inscribed with a person’s name.


Hypatia’s Heritage: A History of Women in Science from Antiquity through the Nineteenth Century – Margaret Alic

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What Is a Quantum Computer, and Why Is Google Building One?

Ethics Asylum

You may have seen headlines that Google is working on a quantum computer chip with researchers from the University of California Santa Barbara. But there are some questions you might have before we get into the specifics of the initiative. What is a quantum computer? What can it do? Further, what is Google planning to do with a quantum computer once it’s built one?

Let’s start at the beginning: what is a quantum computer? The University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing says that quantum computing is “essentially harnessing and exploiting the amazing laws of quantum mechanics to process information.” Quantum mechanics, in turn, encompasses the mechanics of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles.

A quantum computer is different from a traditional computer in the way that it processes information. A traditional computer uses strings of “bits,” which encode information in zeroes and ones. A quantum computer uses qubits, or…

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