I love Krayons!

* I am an outrageous, comical, and spontaneous person. 

* I am a super inquisitive person, I ask tons of questions and I get the answers I need because confusion annoys me.

* I think of everything as Game not to be confused as games though, it is more so like a strategic way of thinking. I think it might even be safe to say I am a very competitive person.

* I have a very unique way of thinking and it isn’t inside of the box.

* Trust, Loyalty, Honor, Integrity, Honesty, Passion, and Pure Virtue are how I determine the Value of my friendships and relationships.

* I am extremely understanding to human nature and rarely judge.

* If you piss me off, or threaten me I will typically twist your mind and call out the insecurities that have caused me grief.

* Haters, Drama Makers, Fakes, and Clueless people annoy me and cause me to become anxious quickly. Even more anxious than I already am in life.

* Balance is important and I demand people appreciate me rather than what I can do, who I know, or what I have.

~It may seem as though I am tough but I am actually a timid, super sweet, compassionate and giving person!~ I am 1 of a Kind.

I am ~Always4Real~


2 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT ME

  1. T B Determined says:

    I am on your facebook friends list and have been for a short while. You had commented on something I posted and since, when I see something in my feed that you’ve posted, I tend to pay a little more attention to it.

    The last few days, I find myself looking at your profile an extra few seconds, and looking at your wall. Tonight was no different. Remembering the comment you left, I was looking for something specific on your wall. I also look at your About information which is how I found your blog.

    I’ve thought about messaging you a few times but haven’t and not really sure how to approach you. Before I ramble, will conclude. Am looking forward to your future posts.

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