Solving for the data science conundrum

DAISY Analytics

We were recently featured in an ‘Insight-as-a-Service’ article, Solving For the Data Science Conundrum:

…while educational institutions are developing focused curricula to graduate more data specialists, organizations are experimenting with the deployment of analytics teams that together may replicate the ‘scientist’ skillset, and data analytics vendors are creating platforms that democratize data by putting its power in the hands of increasingly broad user circles. In cases like the Guelph General Hospital’s, all three approaches are being pursued, and have been combined in a new initiative that has just passed the test – a first cohort has completed a new course in business intelligence for second year students of the Health Information Management program at Conestoga College, featuring accelerated learning in healthcare BI, as well as an 18 day placement at the hospital for three students who used Information Builder’s analytics reporting software to apply new concepts to three discrete hospital…

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