Quantum Entanglement and Teleportation

Nanobiology Honours Programme News Blog

Seminar Department of Quantum Nanoscience by Ronald Hanson

Technical University Delft 14-1-2015

Of all the implications of today’s quantum theory, quantum entanglement might be one of the weirdest. The basic idea of quantum entanglement is that it is possible that two particles are in some way linked, without being close to each other. This implies that it is theoretically possible to have, for example, two electrons entangled, while holding them light-years apart from each other. The important and extremely weird feature of this entanglement is, that if you then measure the state of only one of the electrons, the state of the entangled electron is automatically determined. Using this, you could “send” information to the other end of the universe, in fact you could actually teleport information instantaneously through space! A physicist familiar with the concept of special relativity might now be concerned that Einstein’s second postulate* is violated, but…

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