Massive breakthrough: Japanese scientists find a way to transmit energy wirelessly

Science of Singularity

March 15, 2015


Japanese scientists have made a breakthrough: researchers with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have found a way to transmit energy wirelessly, a discovery that could completely change how energy is harvested in the future.

Scientists have long salivated at the idea of capturing solar energy in space, but had no way to do it until the researchers discovered they could use microwaves to deliver 10 kilowatts across a gap of 1,640 feet with pinpoint accuracy, according to a UPI report.

A small receiver captured the energy, which powered an LED light.

It wasn’t a big gap the energy traveled over, especially when you consider just how much space is between the surface of our planet and low-Earth orbit, and the energy transmitted wasn’t a lot — but it does show that it can be done.

Today, we depend on cables to conventionally transmit electricity from one place to…

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