Uranus Has Rings


One of the most interesting planets in the Solar System has the dubious honor of being given an awkward name. There are dozens of cheeky bon mots surrounding the name Uranus. I came across a headline that was possibly written with this uncomfortable brand of bathroom humor in mind. “Scientists Have Discovered a Ring of Debris around Uranus”.

The peculiarly tilted blue Planet was named after the mythological Greek God of the sky, Ouranos, not an anatomic feature of the human body.  The large, astronomical body orbits so far away from Earth, that we are likely to discover many more interesting features about it in the future.

On March 10, 1977, two teams of astronomers made a major discovery about Uranus.  Observers at the Kuiper Airborn Observatory (a modified jet transport aircraft based in Sunnyvale, California) and scientists at the Perth Observatory in Australia had prepared to observe the transit…

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