Google: the Ministry of Truth

Thomas Meijer

Let me introduce:
Google, the Ministry of Truth.

In the future Google will not only supply us with information based on the page-rank system, it will also supposedly be able to gauge ‘truth’. Which amounts to checking ‘facts’ in articles and compare them to specific factoids that are stored in their knowledge graph, which have the form of “knowledge triples”: a subject, a relationship and an attribute, that together form ‘a true fact’. Apart from this being a very weak notion of truth, I am ambivalent concerning the influence algorithms are enforcing on the info-sphere. 

The amount of misinformation on the internet is staggering. And it tires the mind to see such amounts of bullshit flow through the news feeds everyday. So some kind of filter would be useful. But I already hate the fact that Facebook decides so much about what it does and does not show…

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