The Meaning of Our Actions in Purpose of the Existence of Life

James G. Mason Weblog

The Meaning by Actions in Purpose of the Existence of Life, by James G. Mason

In fantastic numbers we are intrinsically connected and incredibly diverse. Now we see a reflection like ourselves and it is all of our mass in motion together in a beautiful violent ballet ending with a new beautiful beginning. The time of assumptions nears its end as the answer to the greatest question we have ever pondered is now becoming visible.


In the constant motion of the universe, effected by gravity and energy from its violent beginning, all mass, both of the astronomical, and of the biologic born from it, is proceeding through our spacetime with purpose. All mass is moving toward a violent and unstoppable transformation that ends with the creation of a legacy as a new universe of new life.

We have a choice. To watch and marvel and to participate in this transformation, or we can stand seemingly still on this ball of rock and continue to describe ourselves grandiosely…

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