Orion and the Two Suns

Islands in the Stream

In the early 1970’s while still in my early 20’s – my inner planes sources (before Thoth was revealed to me as my “benefactor.”) told me that the constellation of Orion was the true home of the planets Earth and Venus. These worlds (the subliminal estate of them) did not originate in this solar system. Further, the actual location in Orion of this Home was within Rigel, which they called to me the “Blue Star.” (Note: planets of higher vibration can exist within their suns.)

I was also told of the “tri-plex”: Orion, the Pleiades and Sirius. The constellation of Orion, with Rigel key to the Birthing of Earth and Venus….the Pleiades as additional guardians of Earth and Sirius, the point of balance – managing the “trapped energies” of this universe and thus the Earth.

He continued that Earth and Venus would one day be returned to the Blue Star.

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