Dawkins: Biologist?


Yep, Richard Dawkins said something on Twitter again.

Physics is a genuinely deep and difficult subject. Physicists struggle honestly to explain it in simple language.

Physics Envy: Subjects lacking the genuine depth and difficulty of physics invent obscure language to try to make it sound harder than it is

Dawkin’s Law of Conservation of Obscurity: Obscurantism in an academic subject expands to fill the vacuum of its intrinsic simplicity.

What really struck me was that he was wrong in two profound ways.

Physics is actually very shallow and easy. General Relativity can be boiled down to the following axioms:

  1. Relativity: All things obey the same rules, no matter when or where you’re looking from. As a consequence, conservation laws exist (thank you, Emmy Noether)
  2. Locality: To get from A to B, you have to pass through all points between A and B.
  3. Limits: Light has a fixed speed…

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