Beware the DST “Glitch”

Chris Mastrangelo's Blog

Today is the day we “spring forward” using the new rules for Daylight Saving Time that went into effect in 2007. It is going to seem a little ironic setting the clocks forward to “summer time” when there is still 10 inches of snow on the ground (more in some places like New England). My main purpose in posting this is to remind you that if you have a VCR or other device that was designed prior to 2005, you have to reset the clock manually or else you won’t tape all your shows this week like American Idol or the Voice! And then on March 29 or April 5 you will have to check your VCR again to make sure that it did not automatically set itself another hour forward.

Musings on Daylight Saving Time (Revisited*)

The original idea of “saving” an hour of sunlight in the summer is…

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