20 Universal Laws

I'll Learned Ya!

I’ve studied 105 universal Laws and I live my life by them. Many people have been asking me about them so I decided to share the first 20 here. I know those who need these will enjoy them. Peace!

1. The Law of Abundance. (sometimes referred to as the Law of Opulence or Success.)
By creating visualizations of abundance in our lives we draw this energy of success into our
reality. Success or abundance does not only apply to money. There is success in
communication, spirituality, relationships and so on. When creating the abundance of
financial gain remember to be IN this world, but not OF this world. We are not the sum total
of your possessions.

2. The Law of Action.
No matter what we feel or know, no matter what our potential gifts or talents, only action
brings them to life. Those of us who think we understand…

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